For the rebranding of Catawba Valley Community College’s (CVCC) Advertising and Graphic Design (AGD) program, teams of seven needed to create ideas for how to rebrand the space, the brand, and several other elements of the program.
The AGD rebrand for CVCC allowed our team to create and keep a simple yet colorful design that was carried throughout all elements of the program. As a team, we decided that selecting a cool color palette would work well with the previously established green within the program’s space. The pieces that I worked on the heaviest and are showcased here include the digitizing of iconography for the program, designing the recruitment microsite, and creating the poster design that would be used in recruitment and connected to the microsite with a QR code. The deconstructed logo present on the poster represents the concept of “design, develop, deliver” that the team used as the tagline of the rebrand. Along with designing, I also contributed to the production of stickers and buttons for recruitment, the brand booklet to present to representatives of the program, and the printing of full-size and miniature posters.

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