Develop a consistent series of beer can labels representing six different flavors for The Winery and Brewery at Catawba Farms. Along with the can label designs, collateral items, including a keg collar, tap pull, and stickers, would need to be designed that matched with the labels.
The beer can designs the team created were focused on being simple, modern, and clean. The palette used in each cans design was monochromatic to keep the designs simple, though when all cans were placed together, a rainbow of colors was formed. The differentiated colors worked as a way for people to easily recognize the beer that they or someone else was drinking. The elements used within each beer include a central rolling hill in the background and a minimalistic symbol for the beer’s flavor. For the collateral items, the team kept the design consistent by using the colors and elements from the beer labels. The draft pull was created out of wood and 3D printed resin as a prototype to display the idea of the team. To expand on this project, a cooler was designed as an accessory for the series. Production of iconography stickers and other physical elements were included within the pitch to The Winery and Brewery at Catawba Farms.

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