The goal of this project was to create the packaging for an item that could be found in a store and that was relatively small so that it could be produced in-house.
For this packaging project, I decided on developing an item that normally would not receive much attention from the average shopper. Seaboat Joe’s was created to revitalize the packaging present for smoked oysters. A modern nautical design was the intention of Seaboat Joe’s to appeal to a younger audience in comparison to other smoked oyster packages along with having homages to retro animations with the style of the illustrations. Bright colors and clean illustrations were designed to make sure that Seaboat Joe’s would stand out against competitors within a store. Along with the odd item that I chose to do the packaging for, I chose odd flavors with distasteful names, such as “Chummy Curry” to accentuate the quirky concept.

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