This project began with creating a brand based on a household object that had a function. The logo needed to consist of two colors and have a black and white version. Using the brand, a consistent identity package with a business card, a letterhead, and an envelope was to be created. Along with this brand and identity package, an animation was to be created that consisted of five seconds, animated at thirty frames-per-second.
For this project, I wanted to create an original brand that would not have many competitors. The logo was created based on a standard keyhole lock featured in the unlocked position to imply the Unhinged enterprise. Off of this idea, a divorce party planning business was created. Unhinged would plan events for recent divorcees to celebrate marriages that did not end happily. For the identity package, I retained the green color palette that Unhinged had established through the beginning because it remains a neutral color yet comforting with the blue tones. To expand on the brand’s identity package, I also developed a journal and a presentation folder. As well as the identity package, a 3d printed Unhinged logomark was created to be a branded paperweight. The animation of Unhinged’s logo was made to showcase my animation capabilities and thus has a much more playful personality than the brand itself would have.

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